• Brit


Here we go, yo! Here we go, yo! I've had so many inquiries about this DIY coffee table I built that I decided to share my plans with y'all! I had every intention of offering them for free. In fact, this post was originally published as a detailed tutorial. However, after having someone build one of my furniture designs and then attempt to capitalize on it, I realized that I work too hard creating original designs to share with y'all to just give them away for free, let alone have someone else take my free DIY and use it for their own profit. I mean, the whole essence of DIY is making cool stuff and sharing it with others so they can recreate it for their own personal use. However, when someone comes along and tries to take advantage, it kind of ruins it for everyone. Dontcha think?

Anyway, my sincerest thanks for your support and understanding. You can purchase the plans HERE!