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I actually wanted to title this week's post "Drywall Work and the Human Psyche: A Conceptual Analysis" or even "The Current Bane of My Existence: Mudding, Sanding, and Other Such Shit," but they both seemed a tad bit dramatic. What do you think?

The focus of Week Five of the 2021 Spring One Room Challenge has been ... you guess it ... DRYWALL WORK. I've literally been working on the walls and ceiling nonstop for the past week. I finally asked Derek to help me on Saturday when I realized it wasn't getting done as quickly as I thought it would and enlisted him to put another coat of mud on all the ceiling joints. We were finally ready to sand everything on Sunday and did so THE WHOLE ENTIRE DAY and all day Monday too until we just physically couldn't do anymore. The goal was to get the walls and ceiling done so we could start laying the new floor from Raintree, but I finally conceded defeat halfway through the day Monday.

Fortunately, the walls are more or less done and just need painted, but the ceiling ... Oh, the ceiling. I just can't. I did almost all of the repair on the ceilings in our house when we first bought it six years ago and knocked down walls, got rid of a rotting fireplace, and removed popcorn ceilings throughout; and let me tell you - it's BRUTAL. Ever since I spent two weeks straight hunched over my computer writing my thesis in grad school (like, 12 years ago), I've had a disc between my shoulder blades that hurts if I do anything physical involving my arms being outstretched for long periods of time. So holding an orbital sander over my head for hours on end isn't really an option for me and, luckily, Derek has done the vast majority of it. I may give it a go with the pole sander and some course paper later today to try to speed up the process, but ugh ... Yeah, drywall work.

In other, more exciting news, all the pretty things I'm putting in the den are giving me life right now. True, they're piling up around the outskirts of the living room and the cluttered feeling is starting to get to me, but the thought that it'll all be in its place in the next few weeks is both thrilling and terrifying (three weeks till the reveal) at the same time! Some of the things lying around at the moment: the coffee table I'm building for the den; the new console table I've been eying forever and finally splurged on; a new TV (wooo!); two large, beautifully plush chairs gifted from Kardiel; this classy lamp gifted from Blueprint Lighting; and some new artwork gifted from Minted that I'm excited to hang!

I received all four prints (Urban Desert Series 3 by Lisa Sundin, Lulu's Landing by Katy Abraham, Palm Desert by Jennifer Daily, Path of Life by Kisco Print Shop) from Minted several weeks ago and put them in storage without opening the boxes to keep them safe. I picked them up to take a gander only yesterday; and I'm so thrilled with how perfect they look together! They're all limited editions, meaning there's only 350 prints per size and color. I can't wait to see them in the den with everything else!

Alright, that's it for this week! Stay tuned till next week when I'll be sharing our newly laid hardwood floors! Thanks for reading!

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