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Here's to kicking off the 2021 Spring One Room Challenge! To say that I'm excited would be a MAJOR understatement. It has been VERY hard for me to keep my plans a secret for so many months, but the time has come and I can finally spill the beans! I'd like to give a huge THANKS to the team at Better Homes & Gardens for choosing me for my ORC design last spring to be one of the twenty featured designers this time around; AND to Linda Weinstein for creating the event and making it all happen year after year. Now, without further ado, here we go!

We're creating a brand new room in our house! Gah, the possibilities are endless! Where, might you ask, will this brand new room be? Well, uh, didn't you watch the video above? If you didn't, you might want to. Seeing me attempt to learn Tiktok dances in the name of "training" for the ORC makes it worth it, if nothing else. If you did though, you know that we're converting our attached garage into an additional living space that I've decided to refer to as our "den" because it will have a fireplace. When I was little and we lived in a house with both a living room and an additional family room with a fireplace, everyone called it "the den" - so I'm gonna do the same thing!

Anyway, when we bought our house back in 2015 we did so with the intention of converting the garage to additional living space because it was so small. In fact, we made sure it would be possible before we bought the house and likely wouldn't have if it hadn't seemed like it would eventually work out. Fast forward six years and it looks nothing like the dingy dump it was previously, inside or out! I can't wait to finish the den and finally be done with the interior of our home! Famous last words, right?

Unfortunately, someone who shall remain unnamed lost a lot of the photos of the interior of our house when we first bought it, including the ones of the gigantic map of the USA that was painted on the wall in the garage where the fireplace will be in the den. Bummer. As far as what the room is going to look like, I'm gonna leave you with some inspo I'd saved to my secret ORC Pinterest board while I was preparing my design and make you wait until next week to see my mood boards (mwahahahaha), so stay tuned! Thanks for reading, my friends!

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