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We're in the home stretch! I am SO EXCITED to wrap up this project and share it with all of you! Week Seven of the One Room Challenge has come and gone. I'm more or less finished, but still have to do the drywall work on all three archways over the next few days. It's definitely not ideal because I'd wanted to be completely done after this weekend so I could focus on styling, photographing, and editing over the next few days, but OH WELL. That's how it always goes with renovations, doesn't it?

I'm going to keep this short because I don't have a whole lot to report and, yet again, Netflix is calling my name. The main thing we accomplished over the past week was installing our new Formica Solid Surfacing countertops, which make me SO HAPPY! Along with the countertops came the new white sink and brass faucet, which look so good with the brass Aragon flush mount from Hudson Valley Lighting that we installed what seems like ages ago. We also swapped out the pendants over the island for these Asime pendants by Mitzi, which are a little more low key than what we had before. I'm absolutely loving them!

Other than that, I hung the cabinet doors we made for the island, finished up the fiber art I made for the dining room, and made a little waterfall ottoman to use with our hanging swing. I also traded the pink velvet curtains in the dining room for some natural linen ones, decided they looked too rustic for me, removed the color from them in an attempt to make them bright white, ruined them, and put the old ones back. At least after living with the others for a bit I now have no doubt what I really want. After agonizing over it and going back and forth and back and forth, putting the pink velvet curtains back up was like a relief. So yeah, PINK VELVET all the way baby!

It's been a busy week and the next few days will likely be even busier, but I can't wait for all the reveals! I'm shooting for Thursday, so cross your fingers for me! If you want to see what the other participants have been up to, head here. You can see what I've accomplished up until this point here:

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Annnd thank you so much to my amazing sponsors for this event: Hudson Valley LightingMitzi LightingFormicaSamsungTIPTOE, and Winnoby. As always, all thoughts are mine!