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Okay, we're already wrapping up Week Three of the 2021 Spring One Room Challenge and I just can't believe it! We've accomplished so much in the past week and I finally feel like we're making progress. Although I do see A LOT of drywall mudding, sanding, and painting in my future; I must say I'm starting to feel like we're finally on the verge of the fun part. You know how it goes when you've been working and working and working on a project and all of a sudden you look around and realize it's pretty darn close to being done? Well, that's me this week. I will say, it's not actually that close to being done - it just feels like it is after ALL THE THINGS we've checked off the to-do list at this point. We do have quite a ways to go (finishing the walls, installing the floors, the trim, the lighting); but I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm SO STOKED.

We've known all along that the fireplace would be one of the biggest tasks we'd have to pull off for this project. I can't believe it's now so close to being done after the past week of work! Not only that, but we knew from the get-go there wouldn't be much room for error when it came to installing the gorgeous alabaster pink / yellow / marble chip terrazzo I was gifted from Concrete Collaborative. That being said, I'm SO HAPPY we pulled it off without a hitch.

It was actually surprisingly easier than we'd expected. We cut the terrazzo tiles down from 24x24 inches to 20x20 inches to make sure all the tiles would be uniform in size based on the square footage we had to cover. Our tile saw wasn't big enough, so we rented the biggest one we could find, which was key. We followed the super helpful dos and don'ts, installation guide, and mortar recommendation provided by Concrete Collaborative, which helped to ensure our DIY went smoothly. We still have to grout and seal the terrazzo per their suggestions, but that's going to be a piece of cake after the stress of cutting down the tiles and getting them up without any mistakes. Even with it not being 100 percent done, the fireplace already feels like the heart of our home and I'm so excited and grateful to have it!

One of the main things I've personally worked on over the past week in addition to helping install the terrazzo has been the drywall. I must say, after having always stuck to the mudding / sanding and left the hanging of it to Derek, I'm pretty proud with what I've managed to do - with 10 foot pieces, no less! I hung all the drywall on our built-in shelving wall by myself, including all of the pieces butting up around the wood shelves and on the arches too! I'm also so glad to have my dad here visiting from Florida as of today because he's going to help me knock out the rest of the drywall work that needs to be done over the next few days, which will be a HUGE help. He taught me a lot of what I know about it, so having his help will make it go by so much faster.What a relief! It's always the part I dread the most.

Anyway, that's about it for this week! Aside from the fireplace, terrazzo, and drywall; we removed the door that used to separate the garage from the house, installed a new back door, and figured out the positions of the overhead light / outlets / light switches. Hopefully, the next time I check in the walls will be done and painted and we'll be installing the floor! We shall see!

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